Creative Vacations' top 10 tips for planning the perfect honeymoon

  1. Use an expert! Travel consultants are knowledgeable about honeymoon destinations. Their expertise and access to the best alternatives is worth their nominal fee. And statistics show that they can save you time as well as money in planning your perfect honeymoon vacation.
  2. You cannot start planning too soon! Then you will have enough time to research possible destinations and you will have more choices so that you get exactly what you want. (Some places are reserved as much as a year in advance for popular dates.)
  3. Share the planning. Make sure you both are included in your honeymoon decisions so you can feel a part of the decision making. And if something doesn't go as smoothly, no one is to blame. And if you both don't have a say, then you may not end up with a trip you both choose.
  4. Decide on a budget. If you know your parameters beforehand, you can prioritize what you really want to include and what can be eliminated. One suggestion is that if you want that ocean view – by all means splurge on it – this is a once in a lifetime vacation and you want it to be special!
  5. Plan to relax! You just spent days getting ready for your wedding and you need to take it easy and focus on each other. Make sure you have plenty of time to get to your destination and that you have time to rest, be together and enjoy each other's company. Remember, you'll have lots of time to travel together, but only one honeymoon.
  6. Take advantage of free information your destination's tourist board. Many have toll-free telephone numbers and websites for free information on hotels, restaurants, activities and festive events. Ask your travel consultant about the options for discount and coupon books.
  7. Don't forget to create a honeymoon gift registry. Your travel agency can create a honeymoon registry for you where monetary gifts are put toward the total cost of your trip. The average couple who uses a registry gets $500 to $1,000 and that can make a difference on adding those special amenities to your trip.
  8. Use your maiden name for your trip. If you're planning to take your spouse's name, unless your honeymoon is later, you won't be able to change your passport, driver's license, etc., until after you've returned from your honeymoon. It can be a real challenge if you haven't legally changed your name and your documents have a different name, so use your maiden name on visas, airline tickets, etc., so they match your name as it appears on your official documents.
  9. Remember to pack your sense of humor. There could be a few challenges on your trip and you need to be flexible so that if things don't go as planned you don't let it ruin your entire honeymoon. You may be able to tell great stories and even laugh about it in years to come if you take it easy. That's another reason to have a travel consultant as your advocate. They will be there to help you so that you're not alone if something doesn't go the way it was planned.
  10. Tell everyone you're on your honeymoon. You are much more likely to receive VIP treatment and some complimentary items if you let people know. Everyone loves to make newlyweds feel special!