Here's what our clients say about us:

  • Advice - We'll listen to you and recommend a great fitting vacation.
  • Convenience - Just contact us and we will do the rest.
  • Knowledge - Our travel consultants know the ins and outs of the travel business.
  • Peace of Mind - Why risk a chance for a bad experience. Every step of the process is smooth and efficient.
  • Satisfaction - it's usually less expensive and it's always a better experience and therefore better value.
  • Savings - Both time and money.
  • Responsive - We listen to you.
  • Patient - We listen to you again.
  • Value - No matter how much you spend, how long you stay, or where you go, you get great value!

Creative Vacations Client “Why Us” Survey

We wanted to know “why us” from our top clients, so we asked them.

We are always looking for more clients like you. As one of our valued clients; I would like to ask you for some feedback. A question we are often asked as travel agents is; “Why should I use you?” I know all of us in the office have a response to that question, but I would really like to know how our loyal clients would reply.

Would you please take a moment and send me your reply to “Why should I use you?”

Creative Vacations